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Brachioplasty (Arm Lift)

A very difficult place to target, especially after extreme weight-loss, Brachioplasty fixes up “the wings”, the sagging under arms that a lot of women deal with.

How do I get an arm lift in Thailand?

It’s simple! Click here and complete the free quote form. Once this is completed, we will discuss your options with our surgeons.

You can choose to have your surgery in Bangkok or Phuket.

We organise your travel and transfers. You will be met at the airport and dropped to your hotel. The following day you will be picked up and taken for your consult with the surgeon. Your surgery usually follows the same afternoon as your consult. Your arm lift procedure will be discussed with your surgeon during the face to face and, after your pre surgical check up which will include pre surgery blood tests and a EKG. 

Surgery usually takes between 3-4 hours and is done under a general anaesthetic.

Once out of recovery, you will be taken back to your private hospital room where you will spend 2 nights.

After your hospital stay you are dropped safely back to your hotel or apartment, where you can relax and enjoy your Medi-Cation. days later you will be collected once again for a follow up with your surgeon.

You are required to stay 10-14 days in Thailand before traveling home.

FAQs about Brachioplasty (Arm Lift)


How does it work?
It’s as simple as telling us what procedure you’d like and when you’d like it.. and we’ll organise your flights, accommodation, transfers and surgery. Contact us today to enquire about Brachioplasty.

How do I know if I’m a good candidate for brachioplasty?
A client in overall good health, who has been weight stable for at least one year and desires to improve the contour of their upper arms is a good candidate for an arm lift.

Is the recovery painful?
As with any major surgery, there will be times it hurts a little afterwards but our clients say the pain is more than worth it when they see the results.

When will I be able to return to my regular routines?
You will be able to resume your daily routines within 10-14 days. Exercising shouldn’t be done until about 4-6 weeks post-operation.

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“At no time did I feel in doubt or experience anxiety. They looked after me very well and are fantastic at their jobs.”

Mophia traveled with Medi-Cation in May 2015.

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*Comparison prices taken from NZ Institute of Plastic Surgery website. Prices from our JCI hospital are based on standard cases. Conversions as of 1st December 2017, rate NZD $1 = 23 THB.