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Replacement Breast Implants

This procedure is becoming more and more popular.  Some women had had breast implant surgery 10 to 20 years ago and would like their old breast implants replaced.  Other women since having their breast implants have had children or gained or lost weight which has left their breasts a little less perky. 

How do I get breast implant replacement in Thailand?

It’s simple! Click here to get a quote. Once this is completed, we will discuss your options with our surgeons. It’s the same process as in NZ except the surgeons will view your photographs and get back to us with their recommendations. 

We organise your flights, your accommodation your transfers. Click here for our current package deal.

Most of the flights arrive at night. 

You will be met at the airport and taken to your hotel, to get a good nights rest. Don’t eat anything after midnight because the next day is when we have you collected from your hotel for your consult with the surgeon. Surgery will usually follow that afternoon. 

All the pre tests are done before surgery, such as blood tests and a EKG to make sure you are healthy for surgery. For women over 40 a mammogram is required. You can have this done in your country or in Thailand. Please take the results with you if you had this done in your home country. The shape, size and placement of the new implant will be decided between you and your surgeon at the time of your consultation.

Surgery usually takes between 1.5-2 hours and is done under a general anaesthetic.

After surgery you will be taken back to your private room where you will spend one night.

The next day you will be taken to your hotel or apartment where you can relax and enjoy your Medi-Cation. 5-7 days later you will be collected once again for a follow up with your surgeon.


“I found Jacqui from Medi-Cation to be very helpful and efficient all throughout the process. Jacqui was more than willing to answer any questions I had. It was a very easy process going through Jacqui as everything was planned for me – my flights, hotel, surgery, and all taxi services to and from the hospital.”

Savannah traveled with Medi-Cation and received her breast augmentation in February 2017..

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*Comparison prices taken from NZ Institute of Plastic Surgery website. Prices from our JCI hospital are based on standard cases. Conversions as of 1st December 2017, rate NZD $1 = 23 THB.