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Super Sight

That’s right –  super sight for the over 45’s.  Throw those reading glasses away. You can now have a procedure done in Thailand that will restore your vision to that of a teenager. This procedure is for short sighted or long sighted people or both. It’s for people sick of wearing glasses.

Super sight surgery procedure, is performed on patients with failing natural lenses in the eyes, which are now optically inefficient. The procedure involves replacement of the latest development soft and well – flexible intra-ocular lenses, which are designed to give most patients the ability to perform their normal activities. The procedure may also involve laser correction of the corneal curvatures to decrease astigmatism where indicated.

Consequently your vision after the procedure will be stable and unlikely to change over time: this can be life changing in the respect that it will turn back the clock visually. In addition, cataract surgery will be unnecessary later in life.

How do I get super sight in Thailand?

It’s simple! Click here and complete the free quote form.

Once we have received this we will be in touch with forms you will need to complete for our ophthalmologist. Once the ophthalmologist has read your forms and ascertained that you are a candidate for super sight we will arrange your appointments/ travel and transfers.

The procedure does not take long, with the first eye being treated the day after you arrive in Thailand, and the other eye will be treated the following day. You will be driven back to your hotel shortly afterwards. The next day you will be picked up and taken back to the Hospital for a follow up appointment.

You will need to be in Thailand for 2 weeks and on the day before you leave you will have another appointment with the doctor. Then it’s back home, minus the glasses.

Things to Remember

  • Remember to take your glasses with you to the Hospital.
  • Discontinue wearing contact lenses at least 5 days before consultation.
  • Discontinue taking blood thinning medication at least 5 days before consultation.


“I was able to see better instantly. I had a slight flickering for three days, but no discomfort. It was not an option in the UK. I would have had to travel to London and pay over 6,000 pounds for LASIK only.”

Henry’s Super Sight surgery was performed on him by Dr. Somchai at one of our affiliated hospitals.

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*Comparison prices taken from NZ Institute of Plastic Surgery website. Prices from our JCI hospital are based on standard cases. Conversions as of 1st December 2017, rate NZD $1 = 23 THB.